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Celebrations by Jul

Wedding Officiant Services

About Jul

What are you really paying for when choosing a wedding officiant? First, you are selecting a person you trust to be there on time and in great form. Without your officiant, the wedding will not take place! This means your officiant will be professional, responsible, not ill, without a flat tire, family or other type of emergency, and with no plans to be anywhere else on your special weekend, reserving time for your wedding often a year in advance.

You are selecting the person who will be the focus of attention, along with the bride and groom, during one of the most important moments of your life. Your wedding ceremony will be captured on film and in the memories of you, your family and friends.

Jul is an experienced writer, speaker and coach, who has performed hundreds of wedding ceremonies since 2008. Officiating ceremonies is a natural extension of her coaching practice. She has trained with Coach Training Alliance and the University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality & Healing.

She weds couples as they desire, not as tradition may dictate. She believes in freedom regarding one's beliefs, practices and spirituality. Jul holds no bias as to race, religion or lifestyle and therefore is free to help you express your love and commitment to each other in the way that is most meaningful to you.

Jul is passionate about every ceremony -- traditional or nontraditional, spiritual or civil. As a professional, she is the only officiant recommended to couples by the prestigious local winery and has been recommended by all of the popular local wedding venues, such as Arrowwood Resort, Glenwood's Lakeside Ballroom, Ottertail's Thumper Pond, Brandon's Long Lake Lodge and more.

*Registered with Douglas County, Jul performs legally binding weddings and other ceremonies throughout the state of Minnesota. 




Renewal of Vows

$575** Full Service Ceremony

Includes an optional meeting in Alexandria (may be telephone or Skype for long-distance), unlimited email, plus writing and performing the ceremony. Add $100 for rehearsal.

$325** "Just show up and marry us" ceremony--Mondays-Thursdays ONLY. This is for couples who want a short and sweet service, and don't need or desire the contact and personalization that a standard wedding entails. 

Baby Blessings

$575** Includes a telephone consultation, unlimited email, plus writing and performing the service.

Other Services or Ceremonies

Please use "Contact Us" for inquiries.

*In Minnesota, either clergy and judges are licensed to legally wed people. While there is no Justice of the Peace designation, a licensed wedding officiant will perform the same wedding 'duties' as a Justice of the Peace.

**Travel expenses may apply for services outside of

Douglas County, Minnesota. These can be discussed in initial contact.

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